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2017 was a really busy year as far as the field of UFO’s was concerned. Towards the end of 2017 we had countless articles both online and in the media concerning a possible Alien invasion, and would we as a species survive it? Then in December we had the US Govt. admitting they were interested in UFO’s and have been actively looking out for them. So stuff it I thought. I’m writing my own article, and below is MY take on whether humans would survive an Alien Attack.

Being a Science Fiction writer I often ask myself;

Would we Earthlings ward off an alien attack from a species clearly more advanced than us?

In an Alien Invasion, huge motherships would most probably sit above every major city.

There are lots of books, movies and TV series out there on the subject of alien invasion. One of my favourite movies is the 1953 version of H.G.Wells’ War of the Worlds, written in 1897. If you haven’t seen it, and I doubt there are many who haven’t seen it, it’s about Martians coming to Earth to annihilate us and take over our planet. I suspect most people would probably have seen the 2004 version by Steven Spielberg.

Of course there are lots of other fantastic, and not so fantastic books, films and TV series all doing their bit for alien invasion and the demise of us mere earthlings. Some of my favourites are:

  • 1953: War of the Worlds
  • 1955: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Some remakes are good too).
  • 1951: The Day The Earth Stood Still
  • 2011: Battle Los Angeles.
  • 1996: Independence Day.
  • 2016: Independence Day Resurgence.
  • The Riddick Series of Films
  • Both versions of ‘V’ the TV series.
  • Falling Skies. Also a TV series.

The War of the Worlds is a classic Alien Invasion story

 My list could go on, but let’s get back to the real question;

Could We Survive in the face of adversity and defeat an alien aggressor?

 For a start I wonder if we have a plan for tackling an alien invasion? I do believe the American Military have exercised with regards to an alien onslaught, but as for us Brits or any other country? I believe the answer is YES, we Brits also have a plan but what that entails is anyone’s guess, I hope it’s a bloody good one! As for other countries, well it’s anyone’s guess. I would hazard a guess that both Russia and China have plans in place for an alien invasion. It’d be foolish not to have some sort of plan in my eyes.

Do We Stand A Chance?

Before I try to answer that we need to know if we would see them coming.

Would We See Them Coming?

  • Well NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has a number of Earth based satellite dishes which track our spacecraft in space. They form part of the Deep Space Network (DSN), so yes, they could probably see something coming long before they get to us.
  • SETI or the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence is another possible way of “finding” ships as they travel towards us, even though they would probably have to be looking right at them, but still, they might.
  • There are lots of civilian and private organisations with telescopes that could possibly find ships as they travel towards Earth. In fact, I am betting that if anything does come towards us from deep space, then either a private organisation OR citizen would be the first to see them coming.

Thing is, how quickly would these organisations take to warn the world that “something” is heading our way from deep space?

What if?

Here’s another thought for you: what if these aliens have some sort of cloaking technology and we don’t see their ships UNTIL they are parked in orbit around our planet. Their fighters and soldiers pouring down onto us with a ferocity the likes we have never seen?

How would we cope then? Badly I think as we would have had no time in organising anything worthy of a defence around our planet. Half the planet would be asleep, while the other half would at least be awake and see them coming then try to fight off the never ending onslaught. PLUS some countries, the UK being one, doesn’t allow her citizens to bear arms like America. So what are we supposed to do? Throw rocks and bottles at them as they storm right across this Green and Pleasant Land?

To me, a Military Veteran, that option is quite frightening. I hope they give us time to arm as many Veterans and civvies as they can, but I kinda think it’s going to be a ‘every man, woman and child for themselves scenario.’

They’re Here!

Well they are here now, so what next? ‘Don’t panic Mr Mannering!’ But the planet has gone into meltdown, and most people are panicking and looking to their respective governments to do something. They in turn are looking to the United Nations to do something, who are probably in a panic themselves and hoping countries would have some sort of answer to the attack.

Now do they attack straight away, or do they wait? The answer is no one knows, so I’m taking a guess and going for the bolder option:

As soon as they get here and park their HUGE Mother-ships in orbit around our planet, they attack.

Would they attack straight away, or make us wait?

Military bases, Governmental buildings and civilian infrastructure will most probably be obliterated in the first wave of alien fighters and bombers. They are aliens so therefore won’t care about killing civilians as their ultimate gain is to take the planet for themselves, so humans will be a big target, along with any buildings and installations they feel could be a threat to them. Unless of course they need us humans for, say, slaves, soldiers, or worse…food. If that’s the case we might be in luck as they would more than likely want to keep human fatalities down to a minimum. Giving us a chance to fight back at a later date if we could, and hopefully sending them packing.


The aliens attacking us would most probably have some really good firepower, and more than likely be more sophisticated and better than ours. As they do “world domination” for a living, their foot soldiers would almost certainly be battle hardened, and know how to fight in many different scenarios and climates.


One can only imagine what these would be like, how they are powered, and armed. Would they have some sort of defensive shield? Probably. Have we anything like that to protect our fighter jets? Nope. What about an exotic propulsion system capable of super-fast speeds, and agility we only dream about? Yep they will almost certainly HAVE that AND more. And NOPE, we have absolutely nothing even remotely similar in any of our ‘mainstream’ fighter jets. What that equates to is the Air Forces of the world will be woefully outclassed in EVERY department when it came to a head to head dogfight with invading aliens.

Ground Troops

Well again we can only imagine what these look like, and how they are dressed, armed and communicate. Maybe they wear some kind of suit that protects them from the tiny bugs we are used too. Maybe they breathe differently or breathe a different air. Who knows? They would almost certainly be battle hardened if they are planet killers, and Earth probably wouldn’t be the first planet they have tried to take by force. Maybe the alien ground troops are a mixture of different species from the planets their ‘masters’ have conquered. That in itself could be a whole different ball game, as killing them might not be as simple as shooting them. There’s lots of film and TV series where they include different alien species working for one ‘master.’

Their soldiers would most likely be battle hardened and heavily armoured.

As for our own Armed Forces, well any Nations Armed Forces Personnel are a ‘cut above the rest,’ with some being better than others. So I think when it comes to ‘man versus alien’ we stand a good chance of giving these aggressors more than a bloody nose. Unless they are A.I., then we’re all doomed.

Chemical and Biological Weapons

Now this is something I hope they don’t have, chemical and biological weapons. If they did then they could have all sorts of terrible weapons at their disposal. And as they don’t abide by the Geneva Convention, they could drop them on us with no qualms at all. Leaving us well and truly dead before they strolled down and took our planet without a shot being fired.

Make no mistake, we have some horrible, nasty chemical and biological weapons of our own. And if we get a chance, and it’s our last chance, then we would most probably have to use them regardless of the consequences to any human survivors.

They’ve Done Their Homework

Now I’m also surmising they’ve done a Reece of the planet prior to their invasion fleet getting here. If not then that’s where we could have an advantage over the alien invasion.

Nobody knows this planet better than us humans, we do after all live on it! We might be destroying it piece by piece by our petty wars etc. But it is our home, and we know it inside out and upside down.

But for now I’m guessing they sent out an advance party of soldiers and scientists, who abducted humans and experimented on them, trying to find a weakness. Plus checking out our military bases and complexes ready for the onslaught. For years some people claim to have been abducted by aliens, and had all sorts of experiments done on them. As for our military bases and complexes? Well do your research and you will see there’s countless occasions when some sort of craft have been seen hovering above our installations, and sometimes even tampering with them.

After the initial onslaught the planet will probably be in a bad way. Most countries will likely find their air, sea and ground forces have been hit massively, along with any military and civilian installations the aliens deem a threat. Many if not all building, bridges and landmarks will be destroyed, and many millions of people will be dead or injured. It won’t be a good initial start to the battle for humanity, or for that matter any other life that coexists with us.

The best course of action in my eyes is to run to the hills with as much as you can carry. We should then Reece the aliens and watch and learn their habits, routines, what firepower they have etc. then take the fight to them guerrilla style. To be honest I don’t think we would stand a chance at first as we just don’t have the same type of technology these alien invaders will most likely have.

No. Run, hide, regroup, Reece then hit them hard and take anything we can off them to reuse and hopefully reverse-engineer it if needed. Any country that bans its citizens from bearing arms, the UK being one, will be in trouble as far as weapons are concerned as I’ve mentioned earlier. So it’s important we use whatever we can find, including any alien weapons we can get our hands on.

So, Do We Stand A Chance Then?

 This is a very difficult thing to answer to be honest. Being a British Army Veteran I would love to say ‘yes we can repel any kind of attack on our home world.’ But to be honest we will need a HUGE slice of luck if we are to defeat a vastly superior alien species, hell bent on taking our home for themselves.

One thing is for sure though. If we do become a target from some marauding alien race, hell bent on making us mere humans extinct, then we will ALL come together no matter our colour, race, creed or religion. None of that will matter as we will have to fight and die side by side, and hopefully save the day, ourselves and this planet we live on. Just like in the movies, right?

Cover of Amazing Stories, October 1958

In Henry Slesar’s 1958 story The Delegate from Venus, an alien robot cautions Earth that it will be destroyed if its people do not learn to live in peace

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