About Anthony


Crackpot, mad as a box of frogs and a very deep dark sense of humour and outlook on life.


#Awakening 2017

Linda Moulton Howe and Me! #Awakening 2017

A former British Army Soldier now writing and researching for a living.

I live in a Science Fiction world with faster than light space travel, strange alien creatures and worlds far more advanced, and peaceful than ours.

I talk to the voices in my head all the time. They give me some great ideas for stories when they aren’t fighting amongst themselves, or buggering off totally.

I’m a serious coffee addict who survives on coffee, coffee and more coffee. Oh and the occasional meal is thrown into the mix.

Everyone has a book inside them, good researcher

Anthony in Cluj Napoca

When not making things up in the Sci-Fi world, I make things up using my Raspberry Pi’s. Working on a rover right now. One that can scare the crap out of our cats, tell me the weather (and get it right!) and shout out the Man United score! Well us United fans need a good shout-out right now lol.

I love gardening, and find it therapeutic. I am in the process of changing our front and back gardens into Bee, Butterfly, hoverfly and other insect havens which are valuable to our planet. We need to help them as #Bees are declining thanks to pesticides, and just 1/2 a degree change in temperature could kill off many of our #Butterfly species.

If you would like to see our exploits then please visit My Blog.

I’m a serious animal lover and love our 2 cats, Cocoa and Milo to bits. Except at Stupid O Clock when Milo thinks I should be up feeding them!

Cooking in Sweden

I Can Cook Too!

Not Impressed With Minus 20! Cluj Jan 15

I live with “My Woman” Daciana, who, incidentally is from Transylvania. I thought about writing vampire and werewolf stories, but too many writers are doing that these days!