Apr 052017

But as you know we, or rather our forefathers had to leave to contend with the oncoming war.” Joshua nodded as he thought back to the history he was taught as a child. Stories of great wars fought all along The Council’s frontiers that continued for eons. Thousands of civilisations were involved, and most, no matter which side they chose, were left devastated

“We were lucky in some ways, Joshua remarked. Most civilisations lost everything, some totally wiped out. Those that were left were knocked back many, many years in evolution, including us. Even though we held on to our technology it would still take us many years to once again go out amongst the stars, and send ships out to check on the civilisations we created from parts of our DNA.”

Nov 042016

Then one morning the world woke up to a number of huge ships parked up around the planet. Many panicked and shouted ‘It’s an alien invasion,‘ as they stocked up on life’s essentials before hunkering down in their cellars, if they had one.

As the alien ships sat there in orbit around our blue planet, one ship came into our atmosphere and parked up above the United Nations building in New York. Our leaders and scientists frantically tried to communicate with the occupants’ of the ships thinking we were in the midst of an alien invasion, but to no avail.

Until 3 days later…

What would you do if the threat of an alien invasion became a reality?

  • Run?
  • Stock up on food and water then hide away?
  • Top yourself? Rather that than aliens killing you.
  • Stand and fight?

Considering we have no means of leaving our planet and finding a new home in another galaxy, the option’s you have are pretty limited wouldn’t you think?

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